My Life in Clay with Books

I am vey excited about my newest book, coming from Timber Press this fall.
A few books I have written over the years.

Books have been an integral part of my work in clay. Ceramics history and material culture particularly interest me. Often, I write about the books I am reading and post about them in my BiblioPotter blog, which you can find on this site.

As much as I like reading, I like doing research, interviewing and writing. Over the years I have had to opportunity to publish pieces in Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, the old Goodfellow Review, Mother Earth News and elsewhere, even writing a little booklet for Garden Way. Ceramics has not been my only topic; I wrote a column on bookselling for College Store for 24 years, and have published pieces on gardening, nature, and in my youth, a few short stories.

In my earliest years, I wrote under my first and middle name, rather than use my last name. Most of that work has vanished except the few copies and tear sheets yellowing in my closet.

The University of New England Press (UPNE) published Guy Wolff: Master Potter in the Garden and reissued Clay:The History and Evolution of Humankind's Relationship with Earth's Most Primal Element.

You can order from an independent bookshop  here.