Clay The History and Evolution

Clay: The History and Evoltuion of Humankind’s Relationship with Earth’s Most Primal Element

More than a third of houses in the world are made of clay. Clay vessels were instrumental in the invention of cooking, wine and beer making, and international trade. Our toilets are made of clay. The first spark plugs were thrown ont he potter's wheel. Clay has played a vital role in the ivnention of baking, architecture, religion and even the space program.

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What they are saying...

Milwaukee Jounral Sentinel
"Most of us see clay as the stuff at the end of our shovel...Staubach sees spark plugs, semiconductors, and surgical equipment."

Publisher's Weekly
"Staubach successfully communicates the passion she feels for her material (both literal and literary) in this extensively researched overview of clay."

Library Journal
"Staubach...provides readers with a joyful introduction to an art she clearly loves...Highly recommended."

Steven Branfman wriing in Clay Times
"Let me put it this way: 1. Get this book. 2. Read it..."

And an interesting piece from the Economic Times of India