Here are some links to a few of my essays

Essays on Ceramics - some of these links require a login to read or finish reading, but if you are a potter, you probably already have a login. Otherwise, you can contact me.

Studio Potter

It's All in Your Head

Six Pots or the Meaning of Objects After Death

Magic: Remembering Karen Karnes, MC Richards and Their Remarkable Circle 

(My essay is the second of nine essays celebrating Karen Karnes.They are all worth a read.)

Ceramics Monthly

Early New England Potters, writing as Suzanne Amanda, October 1979

Meditations on the Garden Pot, March 1994

Mother Earth News

Make Your Own Tiles , writing as Suzanne Amanda, Sept./Oct. 1979

Out of Clay: The Kremlin Collection of Pre-Contact Pottery

This lovely book was published by the Schlein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred University. My essay in the book is:

An Independent Path: Ceramics of the Ancient Americas and Their Place in the World.

I wrote about the experience in the BiblioPotter post for May 6, 2013. The book is available from Alfred.

Essays on bookselling

College Store

I wrote a column, " Face Out: Notes of a College Bookseller" for almost 25 years with my last column appearing in the July/August 2015 issue. You need to search for Staubach or "Face Out," or look in the tables of contents. The archives are in the issuu (online magazine) format.

UConn Today

Bringing Readers and Authors Together for More Than 30 Years

Shelf Awareness

Higher Ed and the Disappearing Indie Campus Store